Life Long St. Michael Parishioner, Rev. Jason Brilhante’s Journeyto becoming a Priestfor the Diocese of Fall River

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St. Michael Parish’s Own, Rev. Jason Brilhante was ordained to the Diaconate January 21, 2012 & to the Priesthood June 09, 2012 at the Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption, Fall River, MA. Please continue to join us in praying for him.

My Calling to a Vocation

written by then Seminarian Jason Brilhante in the Summer of 2006 for the Newsletter of the Office of Vocation of the Diocese of Fall River entitled: Veni Vide. You may read the full Newsletter by clicking here.

            Before each of us were born into this world, God created for us a divine plan. God has given us the gifts and talents for our particular vocation He is calling us to. However, God also gave us free choice to either choose His will or our own. Reflecting back on my life, I can see the significant events God worked through to call me to begin my formation to become a priest.

In the midst of my invitation to be a priest, I was a junior majoring in accounting at Bryant University. My will was to become an accountant and eventually be a licensed Certified Public Accountant. My decision to shift from studying accounting to pursue God’s will came about two years ago during an alternative spring break trip to Honduras.

During my trip in Honduras, I had an intense prayer experience which changed my life. Every evening I would reserve time in my schedule to pray to God and Jesus about my reaction to the environment I temporarily lived in. I noticed in my prayer how amazed I was to witness the faith of the Honduran people. Every evening the church filled up with people as if it were gathering for Sunday Mass. Mysteriously, in the midst of praying, I heard Jesus inviting m e to be a priest.

Upon my return home from my trip, I continued on with my classes at Bryant. I did not give much thought to what had happened in my prayer life until winter break from classes. It was then again during my prayer that Jesus spontaneously and mysteriously invited me to be a part of H is priesthood. Now, I felt that I could no longer run away from this invitation and that I needed to take action.

Through previous informal meetings with the diocesan vocation director, I knew who to contact. Before beginning the application process to apply as a seminarian, I made several appointments with the vocation director to answer my many questions. I found meeting with the vocation director to be helpful. During my meetings with him, I did not feel pressured at all to make any sort of commitment to formation.

After being accepted as a seminarian to the Diocese of Fall River, I was given an opportunity to enter Our Lady of Providence Seminary (OLP) in Providence RI. There I made the commitment to explore my vocation to be a priest in a deeper way.

My one year experience at OLP proved to be fruitful. I was able to continue with my classes at Bryant University and live in a community of men discerning a vocation, which helped me to decide to continue my formation on to Saint John’s Seminary in Brighton, MA.

I am happy and content with my decision to take the necessary action that I did to understand my vocation. I feel that I would not be happier leading any other life than the one God has called me to. I encourage any man thinking about the priesthood to take the next step.





Read an article Jason wrote entitled: Seminarian Reflections: Jason Brilhante, for the first publication of St. John’s Seminary Magazine in the Fall of 2008. St. John’s Seminary Magazine Volume 1 Number 1 Fall 2008





Q & A with then Parish Seminarian, Jason Brilhante

taken from the Office of Vocations of the Diocese of Fall River website

When was the first time you thought of the priesthood?
When I was about 8 years old and shared that news with my parents. Soon after I was encouraged by my parents to become an altar sever. Being a altar server was a rewarding experience that led to fostering relationships with priests who became good role models.

How did your family/friends respond to you entering the seminary?
I received a mixed reaction from my family and friends. My parents responded with overwhelming joy and support, my brothers and sisters were puzzled, and my friends seemed to think it was the right fit for me to become a priest.

When you were younger, what did you think you were going to be?
Throughout high school I thought of becoming an accountant and set my goals to achieve that desire. I also thought about getting married and having a family until I chose to follow Christ’s invitation to become a priest.

What were major Catholic activities you participated in prior to entering the seminary?
As a member of my parish youth group, I participated in a number of activities such as retreats and youth conferences (for example, attending the Steubenville East conferences at La Salette Shrine).

What is your favorite Scripture passage?
John 2:1-5. I find the quote from Mary, “Do whatever he tells you,” to be a source of encouragement and a challenge to have faith to do that which Christ is asking me to do. Even though I am uncertain of the outcome of what Christ is asking of me, I trust in Mary’s protection and walk with faith.

What is your favorite book?
Journal of a Soul: An Autobiography of Pope John XXIII

What are some of your favorite and most important spiritual readings / books / passages?
Crossing The Threshold of Hope by Pope John Paul II; The Joy of Priesthood by Rev. Stephen J. Rossetti; Priests for the Third Millennium by Archbishop Timothy Dolan; Various biographies of the lives of the saints

Who influenced/ inspired you to priesthood?
Good, holy, faithful priests from my home parish and campus ministry influenced me and inspired me to consider the priesthood. Also by their personal invitations to participate in events and to assist with activities, essentially drawing people closer to each other and closer to Christ, I noticed myself desiring to do the same in the role of a priest.

What was one of the hardest things for you in your discernment?
Informing my parents about my vocation (uncertain how they would react).

What do you think a person who is trying to discern his vocation should be doing to help make the discernment easier?
Frequent prayer and discussion with a trusted priest-friend about beginning the journey through the process of formation. Discerning a vocation to the priesthood does not have to be done alone.

What do you consider to be one of the great challenges for a priest today?
Bridging the gap between secular culture and our Catholic faith.

What activities would you recommend in order to foster a culture of vocations?
Talk about vocations often!

What would people be surprised to know about you?
I have random collections of stamps and coins.

What do you enjoy most about the seminary?
Spiritual direction

How did you come to know Jesus Christ?
I came to know Jesus Christ through my faith, which my parents taught me and that I have from God. I continue to be drawn to Him in my prayer, meditations, and interactions with others.







            Rev. Jason Brilhante was ordained a Deacon on Saturday, January 21, 2012 at Saint Mary’s Cathedral in Fall River at 11 a.m. Parishioners of both Saint Joseph’s Parish and Saint Michael’s Parish were encouraged to go to the Ordination. Since Jason was the only one ordained, there was plenty of seating.

            On Sunday, January 22, 2012 at 10 a.m. Mass he assisted at Mass for the first time as a Deacon. He preached a homily in English and in Portuguese. Although the Mass was celebrated in English, nevertheless, there were songs sung in Portuguese. Everyone was invited after the Mass to go to the hall for a meal.

How many of us have ever seen an Ordination? When will be the next time that we will be able to participate in an Ordination of someone that we know?

All parishioners of Saint Michael Parish and Saint Joseph’s Parish were encouraged to come to celebrate with Jason for his Ordination on Saturday and his Mass on Sunday.

The Diaconate is the first step in the Sacrament of Holy Orders. As a Deacon, Jason will be able to read the Gospel at Mass, preach, and assist at the altar. He will also be able to baptize and witness marriages.

A Deacon is called to works of charity. We are called to works of charity, as well. This mandate comes from our celebration of the Mass. The Deacon at the dismissal of the Mass says: Go and live the Gospel. By performing works of charity we live out the Gospel.

There are many homeless people who suffer the cold winters. Last year a few churches began to open their buildings to give a place for the poor to stay during the night. This year the churches are planning to do the same thing. Volunteers are needed to stay with these people during the night. There are always a number of volunteers each night at each church. The volunteers also receive training to work with the people who stay during the night. There is a limited number of people who are allowed to stay in each building. If you are interested in helping, please call St. Joseph’s Rectory.







Read The Anchor article from the January 20, 2012 issue written by By Kenneth J. Souza, Anchor Staff entitled “Jason Brilhante to be ordained a transitional deacon tomorrow” by clicking here:



Click below to view pictures of the Diaconal Ordination of Jason Brilhante at the Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption, Fall River, MA 01/21/2012 at 11:00 AM.


Click below to view Mass Program for Jason Brilhante’s Diaconate Ordination Conferred by The Most Reverend George W. Coleman, Bishop of Fall River, Saturday, 01/21/2012 at 11:00 AM at Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption, Fall River, MA.

Mass Program for Jason Brilhante’s Diaconate Ordination 01-21-2012



Click P.1 & P2. To view the Program of Jason’s 1st Mass as a Deacon 01/22/2012 at 10:00 AM, St. Michael Parish, Fall River, MA

Mass Program







            Padre Jason Brilhante foi ordenado Diácono no Sábado, dia 21 de Janeiro, 2012, na Catedral de Santa Maria, em Fall River, pelas 11:00 horas da manhã. Todos foram convidados a ir a Missa.

            No Domingo, dia 22 de Janeiro de 2012, à Missa das 10:00 horas da manhã, Jason Brilhnate participou pela primeira vez como Diácono.  Ele fez a homilia nas duas línguas, Inglês e Português. Embora a Missa fosse celebrada em Inglês, cantou-se, alguns cânticos em Português. Depois da Missa, todos os paroquianos foram convidados a ir ao salao para um jantar. Naquele dia nao houve Missa as 11:30 da manha.

            Esperava-se e assim aconteceu, que todos, uma vez mais, apoiassem o Jason nessas datas especiais. Quantos de nós já assistiram a uma Ordenação? Quando nos será possível outra vez participar numa Ordenação de alguém nosso conhecido?

            Eu peço a todos os paroquianos de S. Miguel e de S. José a virem celebrar com o Jason a sua Ordenação no Sábado e a sua Missa no Domingo. Por favor, marquem a data no seu calendário, para que possam estar conosco a assistirem a um acontecimento bem especial da Igreja.

            O Diaconato é o primeiro passo ao Sacramento da Ordem.  Como Diácono ele poderá fazer a leitura do Evangelho, dizer a homilia, prestar assistência no altar, batizar e oficiar casamentos.

            O Diácono é chamado a praticar actos de caridade.  Nós também somos chamados a praticar actos de caridade.  Esse mandato vem-nos da celebração da Missa. No fim da Missa o Diácono diz: “Vai e vive o Evangelho”.  Ao praticarmos actos de caridade estamos a pôr em prática o Evangelho.

            São muitos os sem abrigo, que sofrem o frio do Inverno.  O ano passado algumas Igrejas abriram as portas para lhes dar abrigo durante a noite. Este ano, as igrejas estão a planear fazer o mesmo.  São necessários voluntários para ficarem com essas pessoas durante a noite.  Há sempre um certo número de voluntários em cada igreja, para cada noite. Os voluntários são treinados de antemão para esse fim.  Há um limite no número de pessoas que pode ficar em cada edifício. Se estiver interessado em ajudar nessa área, telefone por favor para a Reitoria da Igreja de S. José.


Vist abaixo retratos da Ordinacão Diaconal de Jason Brilhante na Catedral de Santa Maria , Fall River, MA 01/21/2012 ás 11 horas da manha.


Toque abaixo para ver o programa para para Ordinacão Diaconal de Brilhante do Jason Brilhante conferenciou pelo Reverend George W. Coleman, Bishop de Fall River, Sábado, 01/21/2012 ás 11:00 AM na Catedral de Santa Maria, Fall River, MA.

Mass Program for Jason Brilhante’s Diaconate Ordination 01-21-2012



Toque P.1 & P2. para ver o Programa da 1ª Missa quo Jason participou pela primeira vez como Diácono 01/22/2012 ás 10:00 horas da manhã  na Igreja de São Miguel, Fall River, MA

Programa da Missa






            Deacon Jason, congratulations to you on your being ordained at Saint Mary’s Cathedral. We join you at the Mass on Sunday to thank God for the gift of your vocation. Congratulations to your parents, family, friends and to those who formed you for you to reach this special day.

Your Ordination and the preparation for this day has brought many parishioners of Saint Michael Parish and Saint Joseph’s Parish together. We were together for your reception at Saint Michael’s School hall when we gave you many gifts and a spiritual bouquet. Parishioners worked together for your reception after the Ordination and the Mass on Sunday. What brings the two parishes together is the joy that we share on this special day.

At this time in the Church’s journey, it is not easy to become a priest. Although you have expressed many times that you are very aware of the challenges that will face you, nevertheless, you still said “Yes” to the Call of the Lord and the Church. This encourages everyone of us to continue to say “Yes” to being his Church.

The preparation of studies and pastoral commitments certainly fill your days. Yet, you have generously been with us for different activities at Saint Michael School and in the parishes. We hope that your presence at these times and your Ordination will encourage young people to consider a vocation the priesthood and religious life.

May the Lord give you many years of joyful service to his Church.


Rev. Edward E. Correia

Pastor of St. Michael Parish, Fall River, MA




            Diácono Jason, parabéns pela sua ordenação na Catedral de Santa Maria.  Na Missa de Domingo juntá-mo-nos a si, para agradecermos a Deus o dom da sua vocação.  Os nossos parabéns são extensivos aos vossos pais, familiares, amigos e a todos aqueles que de algum modo contribuíram para a sua formação, do modo a tornar possível esse dia tão especial.

A vossa ordenação e a preparação para esse dia uniu muitos dos paroquianos de S. Miguel e S. José. Estivemos juntos no Salão da Escola aquando da vossa recepção após a ordenação, entrega de prendas, lembranças e Ramalhete Espiritual.  Os paroquianos trabalharam juntos na preparação para a recepção a seguir à ordenação e à Missa do Domingo.  O que parece aproximar mais as paróquias é a alegria que partilhamos consigo, por esse dia tão especial.

Presentemente, na jornada que percorre a Igreja, não é nada fácil ser padre.  Embora tenha expressado várias vezes que compreende bem os desafios que terá de enfrentar, isso não o impediu de dizer “Sim” à chamada de Deus e da Igreja.  Isso faz com que todos nós nos sintamos encorajados a dizer também o nosso “Sim”como sendo a Sua Igreja.  As responsabilidades dos estudos e actividades pastorais, certamente que devem preencher bem os seus dias.  Contudo, e de modo generoso, temos usufruído da sua presença nas várias actividades da Escola de S. Miguel e das paróquias.  Esperamos que a sua presença, bem como o acontecimento da sua Ordenação, encoraje os nossos jovens a considerar a vocação ao sacerdócio ou vida religiosa.

Que o Senhor vos conceda muitos anos jubilosos ao serviço da Sua Igreja!


Padre Edward E. Correia

 Pastor da Igreja de São Miguel, Fall River, MA







[Also honored the Marian Medalists

from Saint Michael Parish and Saint Joseph Parish, Past & Present]


            One of the great joys of this parish year was to see Jason Brilhante ordained a deacon and priest. Jason has lived in our parish all of his life. In fact, many parishioners have told me that they could see that Jason had a vocation to be a priest when he was very young.

I ask that all parishioners support him spiritually. We did this through a spiritual bouquet. A spiritual bouquet is a collection of prayers that people have prayed for Jason. Usually a card is made where people can write the number of rosaries, visits to the Blessed Sacrament, Communions, Masses, etc. that they prayed for Jason. We may have used spiritual bouquets when someone has died. Many religious orders provide spiritual bouquets when Masses are celebrated for a person who is deceased.

With the approval of the Parish Pastoral Council and the Parish Financial Council, Sunday, November 20 at 5 p.m. was the day that we honored Jason Brilhante. It was good to do it at that time, before his ordination to Diaconate which will take place in January.

I also invited Saint Joseph’s Parish to join us on that day. I presented this idea to the members of the Parish Pastoral Council and Financial Council of Saint Joseph’s. They seemed very excited about supporting Jason as well.

The same day Sunday, November 20 at 5 p.m., we also honored the Marian Medalist from Saint Michael’s and the Marian Medalist from Saint Joseph’s. Since I am pastor of both parishes now, I was privileged to recognize both of them.

I also extended an invitation to all the workers of Saint Michael’s Parish and all the workers of Saint Joseph’s Parish to come to the gathering on November 20 to express my gratitude for all that they do for both parishes.

As your pastor, I would like to thank all the workers of the parishes for all that they do. If it weren’t for the generosity and sacrifices of all of you, how would our parishes be able to fulfill its mission? I invited all the following to be with us November 20, 2011. All the members of the Parish Pastoral Councils, Parish Financial Councils, Faith Formation teachers and staffs, Lectors, Eucharistic ministers, cantors, members of the two Saint Vincent de Paul Societies, Holy Ghost Society, Liturgical Committee, choirs and music ministry, collectors, counters, parishioners who work on suppers and feasts, baptismal team, Vocations Committee, Rosary Sodality, faculty and staff of Saint Michael’s School, Catholic Charities Appeal committees, altar servers, United Interfaith Action Committee, parishioners who used to work for the parishes and cannot because of age or illness, and all parishioners who work for the parishes. All of Jason’s family was also invited to join us.

The Councils of both parishes approved naming Jason during the Prayer of the Faithful in both parishes. We have this wonderful opportunity of supporting a new priest for our Diocese. I hope that we will do the most that we can.

There was much activity in Saint Michael Parish and in Saint Joseph Parish to prepare for the reception for Jason Brilhante. The children from the Saint Joseph’s Faith Formation made a quilt containing their prayers for Jason which they presented to Jason on November 20. The classes at Saint Michael worked on special items that were presented to Jason on this day. Saint Michael School dedicated its bulletin board at the main entrance to the school for Jason. Pictures of Jason and other items decorate the board.

Parishioners at both parishes are praying for Jason. They put the number of their prayers on cards that were counted to make a beautifully decorated and framed certificate called a spiritual bouquet. There was a one certificate from Saint Joseph’s and Saint Michael’s.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at Saint Michael’s Chapel was held for Jason in October and November 2011. When a person came to the chapel, they saw Jason’s picture and a box. On the table a parishioners found strips of paper that said: “I made one visit to the Blessed Sacrament for Jason”. After making the visit, the parishioners were asked to place one slip of paper into the box so that visit could be included in the spiritual bouquet. Adoration would end at 4 p.m. with the praying of the rosary for Jason, and was followed by Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.

The Financial Councils of Saint Joseph’s and Saint Michael’s approved of the idea that a monetary gift from each parish would given to Jason on November 20. I asked a member of each Council to make the presentations. Parishioners, therefore, were asked not to bring any money gifts to Jason on November 20. Such money gifts would be more appropriate at the receptions for his Ordination to the Diaconate in January and his Ordination to the Priesthood in June.

I asked Philip Pereira to provide music for the reception on November 20. It added to the spirit of celebration. I asked Andrew Bissinger of Saint Joseph’s Parish to present the spiritual bouquet of the two parishes to Jason. Andrew is the head of our Vocations Committee which consists of parishioners from both parishes. I invited the student President of Saint Michael’s School, Sydney Silva, to introduce the presenters from the grades of the school.

The format of the night was as follows: Phil Pereira, music coordinator at Saint Michael’s Parish played an opening hymn; I acknowledged the Marian Medalist of Saint Joseph’s Parish and Saint Michael’s Parish; I acknowledged all Marian Medalists of the two parishes; I introduced Andrew Bissinger who made the presentation to Jason Brilhante of the Spiritual Bouquet that the two parishes prepared; a representative of the two Parish Financial Councils gave a monetary gift to Jason form the two parishes; I introduced Sidney Silva, President of the Student Council of Saint Michael’s School who introduced the children from Saint Michael’s School, Saint Michael’s Faith Formation , and Saint Joseph’s Faith Formation who gave to Jason cards that they had done in class; Deacon Jose Medeiros sang a song; Phil Pereira lead us in another hymn; Jason Brilhante spoke; We ended the program with another song. We then participated in the buffet and enjoyed one another’s company.

I also invited the 2011 recipients of the Marian Medal to come to the reception with their families and friends. I also wanted to recognize them for their valued work in both parishes. I also invited the Marian Medalists of past years from both parishes to be present for a special recognition. I hope that this reception was an opportunity to thank all parishioners for their work in the parishes of Saint Joseph’s and Saint Michael’s.

Together I hope that we can thank Jason for saying “yes” to being a priest in our Diocese. I hope that this was an enjoyable evening for all who came. I hope that everyone went home feeling “thanked”.


Jason Brilhante’s Thank You Letter in English to Pastor & Parishioners 






A Recepção ao seminarista Jason Brilhante

Foi NO DOMINGO 20 de NOVEMBRO às 5:00 horas da tarde,

no Salão da Escola de S. Miguel

[Também prestámos homenagem aos recipientes da Medalha Mariana das duas paróquias, S. Miguel e S. José,deste ano e dos anos anteriores]


            Um dos momentos mais felizes desta paróquia, este ano, voi ver o Jason Brilhante ordenado diácono e, depois, padre. Ele viveu toda a sua vida na nossa paróquia. Na verdade, muitos paroquianos já me disseram que notaram a sua vocação sacerdotal desde a sua tenra idade.

Pedi a todos os paroquianos para o apoiarem espiritualmente. Fizemo-lo através de um ramalhete espiritual. Um ramalhete espiritual é um cartão onde as pessoas podem anotar o número de terços, Missas, Comunhões, visitas ao Santíssimo Sacramento e orações feitas por intenção do Jason. Às vezes estes ramalhetes espirituais são feitos pelas intenções de um falecido. Muitas ordens religiosas fornecem estes ramalhetes espirituais quando Missas são celebradas por alguém que morreu.

Os Concelhos Paroquiais, Pastoral e Administrativo, concordaram com a data de 20 de Novembro, pelas 5:00 horas da tarde, para se lhe prestar homenagem. Escolheu-se essa data porque seria bom fazê-lo antes da sua ordenação, que terá lugar em Janeiro de 2012. Também convidei a paróquia de S. José para se juntar à nossa nessa celebração. Apresentámos a ideia aos Concelhos Pastorais daquela paróquia e eles, entusiasmados, aceitaram a ideia de apoiar também o Jason Brilhante.

Naquela data de 20 de Novembro, prestámos homenagem também às pessoas das duas Igrejas, S. Miguel e S. José, que receberam a Medalha Mariana. Uma vez que sou o Pároco das duas paróquias foi um privilégio reconhecer os recipientes da Medalha de ambas as partes.

Estendi o meu convite a todas as pessoas que, de qualquer modo, trabalharam quer numa ou noutra paróquia, para se juntarem a nós naquela data de 20 de Novembro e celebrarem conosco o feliz acontecimento. Aproveitei para expressar toda a minha gratidão pelo muito que fazem em ambas as paróquias.

Como vosso Pároco, quero agradecer a todos os trabalhadores das duas Paróquias por tudo o que fazem desinteressadamente. Se não fosse toda a vossa generosidade e sacrifícios, como seria possível às nossas Paróquias realizar a sua missão? Por isso mesmo, convidei todos para uma noite de “Apreciação ou Reconhecimento” no Sábado, dia 20 de Novembro, pelas 5:00 horas da tarde, no Salão da Escola de S. Miguel. Quis, nessa noite, expressar a minha gratidão a todos e ao mesmo tempo reconhecer as pessoas que receberam a Medalha Mariana das duas Paróquias e homenagear o nosso seminarista, Jason Brilhante.

Convidei a virem juntar-se a nós nessa noite todos os membros dos Conselhos Paroquiais, Pastoral e Administrativo; Professores e Ajudantes do Programa de Formação na Fé; Leitores, Ministros da Eucaristia; Líderes dos Cânticos; membros das duas Sociedades de S. Vicente de Paulo; Sociedade do Divino Espírito Santo; Comité Litúrgico; Coros e Ministério Musical; os Colectores das ofertas do Ofertório; quem abre e conta o dinheiro dos envelopes; os paroquianos que trabalham nas Festas e Jantares da Igreja; a Equipa baptismal; Comité para as Vocacoes; Sociedade do Santo Rosário; Corpo docente e todos os outros membros que trabalham na Escola de S. Miguel; Comités do Apelo das Caridades Catolicas; os Acolitos; Comite do UIA; Paroquianos que costumavam trabalhar para as Paróquias mas que por razões de doença ou idade avançada já não o podem fazer e, finalmente, todos os paroquianos que de qualquer modo trabalharam para qualquer uma das Paróquias, pedi-lhes por favor, para aceitarem o meu convite e se juntarem a nós naquela noite.

Mais tarde,foi-lhes dada mais alguma informação sobre o evento. O Jason estava livre naquela data. Claro que também convidei a sua família para estar presente naquele dia. Houve grande azáfama nas duas paróquias para preparar devidamente uma recepção ao Jason Brilhante.

As crianças do Programa de formação na Fé da Igreja de S. José fizeram uma colcha onde expuseram as orações que rezaram, que depois ser apresentada ao Jason Brilhante no dia 20 de Novembro. As classes da Igreja de S. Miguel também trabalharam em artigos especiais para apresentarem ao Jason no mesmo dia. O quadro da entrada da nossa Escola foi dedicado ao Jason, com fotografias e outros artigos apropriados.

Os paroquianos das duas paróquias rezaram pelo Jason e anotaram as suas orações para serem contadas e fazerem parte de um Certificado bem decorado e com uma moldura, chamado Ramalhete Espiritual. Houve um só certificado a represesntar as Igrejas de S. Miguel e S. José.

Também houve Adoração ao Santíssimo Sacramento, na Capela da Igreja de S. Miguel, que foi oferecida pelas intenções do Jason. Quando uma pessoa chegava à Capela, via uma fotografia do Jason e perto estava uma caixa. Na mesa estavam também pedacinhos de papel onde estava escrita a seguinte frase: “Fiz uma visita ao Santíssimo Sacramento pelas intenções do Jason”.  Depois da sua visita pedimos à pessoa que pusesse o pedacinho de papel dentro da caixa, para depois ser incluído no Ramalhete Espiritual. A Adoração ao Santíssimo Sacramento terminou às 4:00 horas da tarde com o terço rezado também pelo Jason e seguido da Benção do Santíssimo Sacramento.

Os Concelhos Administrativos da Igreja de S. Miguel e S. José concordaram com a ideia de que cada Igreja oferecesse uma oferta monetária no dia 20 de Novembro. Pedi a um membro de cada Concelho para fazer essa apresentação. Pediu-se, pois, aos paroquianos das duas Igrejas, para não trazerem envelopes com dinheiro no dia 20 de Novemvro, porque isso será mais apropriado por altura da sua Ordenação ao Diaconato no próximo mês de Janeiro, ou por altura da sua Ordenação ao Sacerdócio no mês de Junho a seguir.

Já pedi ao Philip Pereira para se encarregar da parte musical do dia 20 de Novembro, o que enriquecerá o espírito da celebração. Também pedimos ao Andrew Bissinger da Igreja de S. José para entregar ao Jason o Ramalhete Espiritual das duas paróquias. O Andrew é a pessoa encarregada do Comité para Vocações, que é constituído por paroquianos das duas Igrejas. A estudante, Sydney Silva, que foi nomeada Presidente da Escola de S. Miguel fez a apresentação dos alunos da nossa Escola que fizeram parte do programa.

Planeou-se o seguinte programa: O Philip tocava um Hino de entrada; a seguir eu dirigia-me às pessoas que recebiam a Medalha Mariana, da Igreja de S. Miguel e da Igreja de S. José; apresentava o Andrew Bissinger que entregaria ao Jason Brilhantae o Ramalhete Espiritual levado a cabo pelas duas Paróquias; um representante dos dois Conselhos Administrativos ofereceu ao Jason uma oferta monetária; apresentou-se em seguida a Sidney Silva, aluna eleita Presidente do Conselho Escolar da Escola de S. Miguel, que por sua vez apresentou os alunos da Escola de S. Miguel, os do Programa de Formação na Fé das duas Paróquias e que entregaram ao Jason cartões que tinham feito nas aulas; O Diácono José Medeiros cantou uma canção; o Philip tocou e regeu outro hino; o Jason dirigiu-nos algumas palavras; cantou-se mais uma canção e seguiu-se “O copo de água” e a convivência fraterna uns com os outros.

Convidei também os recipientes da Medalha Mariana para virem à Recepção acompanhados de seus familiares e amigos. Queria mostrar-lhes o meu reconhecimento pelo valoroso trabalho que desempenham nas duas paróquias. Quisemos que a recepção fosse uma oportunidade de agradecer a todos os paroquianos, em geral, o trabalho que prestam à Igreja de S. Miguel e de S. José.

Todos juntos quisemos agradecer ao Jason por ter dito “sim” ao chamamento ao sacerdócio da nossa Diocese. Espero que tenha sido uma noite agradável para todos os que aceitaram o nosso convite. Espero ainda que todos ao voltarem a casa tivessem sentido a minha gratidão e o meu reconhecimento.


Carta em Portugues de Agradecemento do Jason Brilhante pelo Pastor & Paroquianos



            I would like to thank everyone who made the evening to honor the Marian Medalists and to honor Jason Brilhante so successful. It was a wonderful experience for the parishioners of Saint Joseph’s and Saint Michael’s.

The members of the Saint Vincent de Paul would also like to thank all the parishioners who gave so generously to the canned good drive for the Thanksgiving baskets

More than 50 baskets were prepared to distribute to needy families on the weekend before Thanksgiving. Because the drive was so successful, the basket were very full.

Many thanks to the children of Saint Michael School who brought the canned goods from the church to the school. They also sorted the cans to help the Vincentians prepare the baskets.

Many thanks to the children of Saint Michael School who decorated the bags that were given to the parishioners so that they could bring the canned goods to the church.

The word “Thank you” is used many times. It is the only way that we can affirm the many people who do their very best to help other people in need. A “Thank You” sometimes can at least make the people aware that their contribution made a difference.

Read The Anchor article from the June 08, 2012 issue written by By Kenneth J. Souza, Anchor Staff about Rev. Jason Brilhante’s Ordination to the Priesthood entitled “Diocese celebrates ordination of new priest tomorrow at St. Mary’s Cathedral” by clicking here:

Read The Herald News article posted the June 10, 2012 written by Derek Vital, Herald News Staff Reporter about Rev. Jason Brilhante’s Ordination to the Priesthood entitled “Fall River Diocese welcomes Jason Brilhante to the Priesthood:

Read The Herald News article posted the June 08, 2012 written by Monsignor John J. Oliveira, Herald News Columnist entitled “FROM THE PULPIT: Welcoming a new priest”:

Click below to view pictures of the Ordination to the Priesthood of Rev. Jason Brilhante at the Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption, Fall River, MA 06/09/2012 at 11:00 AM.

Vista em cema retratos da Ordinacão para ser Senhor Padre Jason Brilhante na Catedral de Santa Maria , Fall River, MA 06/09/2012 ás 11 horas da manha.

Click below to view Mass Program for Jason Brilhante’s Ordination to the Priesthood Conferred by The Most Reverend George W. Coleman, Bishop of Fall River, Saturday, 06/09/2012 at 11:00 AM at Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption, Fall River, MA.

Mass Program for Rev. Jason Brilhante’s Ordination to the Priesthood 06-09-2012

Toque em cema para ver o programa para Ordinacão de para ser Senhor Padre Jason Brilhante conferenciou pelo Reverend George W. Coleman, Bishop de Fall River, Sábado, 06/09/2012 ás 11:00 AM na Catedral de Santa Maria, Fall River, MA.

Click below to view the Mass Program of Jason’s 1st Mass as a Priest Sunday, 06/10/2012 at 2:00 PM, at St. Michael Parish, Fall River, MA

Mass Program for Rev. Jason Brilhante’s First Mass 06-10-2012

Toque em cema para ver o Programa da 1ª Missa quo Senhor Padre Jason participou pela primeira vez como um Senhor Padre Domingo, 06/10/2012 ás 2:00 horas da tarde na Igreja de São Miguel, Fall River, MA

Rev. Jason Brilhante’s first assignment as a Roman Catholic Priest was being appointed June 2012 as Parochial Vicar at St. Pius X Parish, So. Yarmouth, MA, as well as also being appointed Part-Time Chaplain at Cape Cod Hospital Below is the official declaration from Bishop Coleman.


Rev. Jason Brilhante’s first letter as a priest to the parishioners of his assigned parish St. Pius X Parish, So. Yarmouth, MA in Parish Newsletter St. Pius X News



Rev. Jason Brilhante was called are you also being called?